Migration Analysis

Quality in the graphics industry is on many levels a big issue. An unclean print is immediately visible, in non-compliance with Cl requirements in colour or benchmarks in food packaging printing, the problem is already of difficult. In all cases, a low quality has significant consequences for the print shop. Therefore, it makes sense to have early reliable information on the quality level.

Our analytical lab combines comprehensive know-how from ink technology with up-to-date knowledge from the field of analysis. We use chromatography coupled with mass spectrometers as our core technologies. With their help, the samples are comprehensively analyzed. The substance mixtures are separated into their components and the corresponding information on the molecular masses is recorded.

For example, when investigating migration processes, this provides important insights into whether a print is acceptable for the food or pharmaceutical sector. Argus allows a meaningful initial evaluation of the print sample at an attractive price/performance ratio. In this way, it can be recognized at an early stage and at low cost that the process meets all the customer's requirements.